New guy Inspiration | Boys bedroom update and new Ikea purchases | interior Design Ideas

For young, teen boys Modran bedroom setting, furniture and colour combination ideas
New guy Inspiration | For young, teen boys Modran bedroom setting, furniture and colour combination ideas | interior Design Ideas
February 8, 2020
BEFORE + AFTER BUILT IN BUNK BED | Girl Bedroom Transformation
fresh Inspiration | BEFORE + AFTER BUILT IN BUNK BED | Girl Bedroom Transformation | interior Design Ideas
February 13, 2020

New guy Inspiration | Boys bedroom update and new Ikea purchases | interior Design Ideas

Boys bedroom update and new Ikea purchases

As your son moves into adulthood, it calls for a new style for his modern bedroom design ideas. With plenty of personal space, here are our top interior design ideas for creating a stylish, modern bedroom for him that’s both convenient and boys room decor ideas.

Choosing the right furniture will make a world of difference for any teen. interior design ideas for the maturing young man, think in terms of originality and practicality. Boys bedroom update and new Ikea purchases.  Pieces with clean lines and functionality are at the top of our list. boys room decor is a convenient way to keep a teen boy’s bedroom looking neat and tidy.

It not only features a plush upholstered frame, but it comes equipped with a height adjusting headboard, as well as sneaky internal storage. Continue the smooth look with simple bedding that’s free from busy patterns.

interior design ideas, boys room decor

On sprecial today


Boys bedroom update and new Ikea purchases

My Instagram is @rosiehenshawhome hello welcome back to my YouTube channel today I’m bringing you a update on the boys bedroom. So grab a cuppa and hopefully you’ll enjoy xx Malm chest of drawers Micke desk. Fanbyn white and wood chairs. Jute living room rug.

Here are some things to think about and prepare | Interior Design Ideas

The computer is a big part of any adult teen’s life.

Their social life and study life all take place around the computer, so it’s best to create a place that will foster good studying habits in-between social media scanning. boys room decor

Get away place

Create a place that your teen can get away from it all and just relax. An over-sized, pillow-like lounge chair is a great place to escape to read or listen to music.

Just keep in mind it should be something that can grow with him as he continues to transition into adulthood. Interior Design ideas

Cool Colors

Tone down the bright colors of youth with deeper shades of color. Try a color palette of cool, calm tones, like grays, blues, and greens. Though there is no limit to what color your maturing teen boy might like.

Unique Lighting

Add a touch of originality to your teen boy’s modern bedroom with unique lightings, such as the  Table Lamp. Look for pieces that stand out and bring personality to the room, while remaining practical. boys room decor

Tailored Accents

Art is a great way to express yourself in any room, so let your adult-teen boy express his passions in the form of art.

Whatever his tastes and hobby’s, whether it be surfing, sports, or music, bring in artwork that works well with the style of the space you’re creating.

The artwork is also a great starting place and works well as an inspiration piece to draw a color palette and style from.

Space to Play

Provide a space to play and socialize with friends by including something everyone can enjoy. The pool Table, for example, fosters camaraderie and friendly competition.


You must make a place that fits his thought process, allow the room to express

Give a guy mantle and space for expression and get away

Give a sense of privacy and security, this is his safe space

Interior design ideas


Boys bedroom update and new Ikea purchases



  1. We have those drawers from ikea had them about 10 years they are so strong and still like new , you can get the drawer dividers from ikea too we got them for the top drawers hold all your nick nacks like socks etc and cheap. We also got in the same range the ones that hold the big box type they are worth it hold so much stuff like toys ect.

  2. Have a look at land of rugs website. I just bought a massive rug from there at a really good price.

  3. Susan King says:

    Bertie's gotten big xx

  4. Lynn Gudgeon says:

    Rosie your house is gorgeous 😍. I love everything about the boys room. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Sheepie Mezz says:

    Boys room looks great, they have everything they need and it’s so nice not to see a tv in there like most kids have from a very young age. Well done Rosie! I was thinking a red rug may look nice in the room, be nice and bright and go with everything.

  6. Linda Grace says:

    Rosie, you make me laugh because I have never seen such tidy drawers. I can hardly close mine they are so stuffed with tshirts and pjs 😊

  7. Pauline Tams says:

    Beautiful home Rosie xx

  8. tmayer318 says:

    I love your home! I have no decorator instincts

  9. Your house is so cozy and homey. The boys room is perfect. So neat! The desk and chairs fit in there brilliantly. I think a navy, red or even yellow rug would look perfect in there. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. The boys room is lovely and for a reasonable cost xx

  11. Thought your draws were in good order, I'm impressed. Lovely room. xx

  12. Your home is lovely, love the draws and the desk chairs, brilliant video

  13. Vee1 says:

    you have a beautiful home….really like your style!

  14. Sarah Moran says:

    Hi where did you get your silver canvas photo in your living room from?xx

  15. Hi Rosie I’m the same about ironing I hate it, I only iron when I want to wear anything

  16. T Pears says:

    Love these updates of your crafts and home,, it gives me the incentive to start doing things in the house. Have you thought of doing the vlogs out and about shopping would love to see those.

  17. Really beautifully decorated. 😀

  18. Marie Smith says:

    If you're near an Aldi, they had navy blue knit pom pom cushions in yesterday so might be worth a look x

  19. Donna Clark says:

    Boys romm looks lovely Rosie X

  20. Hi Rosie, well done with redoing the boys bedroom. It's looks so colourful and cool, perfect boys room👍🏽.
    Thanks for sharing and take care 🤗.

  21. Really lovely, so well thought out and a nice theme going on for the boys 😊

  22. Beautifully done!! Lovely 🏡!!

  23. Kerry Cox says:

    Yours boys room looks great Rosie. Nice to see Bertie he's too cute! I have a cavachon too and he follows me everywhere.

  24. They look amazing huni, check out Amazon or Ebay for a rugs really good, love the house. Take care hun xxxx

  25. Hi Rosie, where did u get your Pom Pom cushions from, the ones on the couch in your living room they look fab. Love your videos babe xx xx

  26. Shirley Dunn says:

    Love your boy's bedroom. Love the wallpaper, beds, stars & units. I've got the same ones from IKEA. They hold a lot.

  27. Star Perry says:

    Boys room looks great xxx

  28. Hi Rosie I just love your channel. You are such a lovely person and you make me smile 😁
    Can you tell me where you got the blue and white star throws on the boys beds please x

  29. Janny J says:

    The new chest of draws are great, nice deep wide draws, I don't iron either unless I need too, TFS.

  30. Rosyclaire says:

    Lovely bedroom but where are all your boys books?

  31. Sam Taylor says:

    I replace my cushions just by changing the covers.
    I love the boys rooms.

  32. Jessica Rose says:

    A red rug would look nice

  33. L Lou says:

    I miss my kids being wee after watching this xx

  34. Kirsten Cook says:

    Like your son's room l American
    like use of USA flag comforters. 👍🤓

  35. Kym Dixon says:

    I have 4 children all grown up now & only ironed as needed…still do for my own clothes lol x

  36. Susan Hall says:

    Gorgeous home Rosie, so neat and homely. I NEVER iron, life is too short, I may iron the odd shirt if hubby needs one. I wash, shake them and hang up and most of the time they never need an iron. Love all your ideas. xx

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