fresh Inspiration | Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: The Girls’ Rooms (Ep. 27) | interior Design Ideas

Baby Girls Bedroom Ideas
fresh Inspiration | Baby Girls Bedroom Ideas | interior Design Ideas
October 11, 2019
Modern Kids Room Design || Creative Ideas 2019 2020 - Kids room girls & boys | Twins room design
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October 14, 2019

fresh Inspiration | Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: The Girls’ Rooms (Ep. 27) | interior Design Ideas

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: The Girls’ Rooms (Ep. 27)

Looking for girls bedroom design ideas? A girl’s bedroom is her sanctuary from the outside world as she grows up. Girl’s interior design ideas for bedrooms are certainly not limited to fluffy beds and all-over pink decors any more | Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: The Girls’ Rooms (Ep. 27)

Today’s girls bedrooms are as varied as each girl’s personality with styles, colors and motifs in an endless range of possibilities. interior design ideas .Putting together a cohesive, creative and practical scheme for a girls’ bedroom is no mean feat.

From baby girls to young girls bedrooms to preteen girls rooms to teen girls bedrooms, you’ll find a room design and ideas for every stage of a girl’s childhood. Interior design ideas

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: The Girls’ Rooms (Ep. 27)


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On sprecial today

Girl’s bedroom ideas

In this episode of Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0, it’s all about the girls! Now that Robin and Fiona are older, they’ve decided they need their own rooms! From Robin’s request for a quiet, calm, and peaceful space to Fiona’s sunny, turquoise, and water-inspired palette, the rooms reflect each girl’s personality. Tune in to see what they chose for their spaces! #SRDesignLife #SarahsIsland2 #InteriorDesign

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Design ideas

accessible storage

The key is to introduce flexible and accessible storage, colourful accents, and one or two striking elements for a look that can evolve as your little girl grows up. |

Check out more of interior Design ideas for smaller rooms

flexible space

A girls’ bedroom needs to be a flexible space, accommodating their changing needs from babyhood through to teenage years.

wardrobes and chests of drawers

So it makes sense to ensure that big-ticket items such as beds, wardrobes and chests of drawers will stand the test of time.

Add colour, pattern and magical touches

Add colour, pattern and magical touches through fabric, lighting, artwork and quirky accessories. Take a look at our best girl’s bedroom ideas for inspiration…


Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: The Girls’ Rooms (Ep. 27)



  1. 👍💚🌼🌹🌸🍀

  2. Beautiful even the dog a proves he love the bed so cute well done Sarah as usually 💕💕

  3. The rooms lok so envaited and cozy,

  4. M Cruz says:

    Wasn't the brass bed that was originally in Fiona's room your grandparents? Is it going to be moved somewhere else?

  5. Jan P says:

    LOVE seeing the evolution of your daughters' choices … both rooms inviting, with distinct character; would make any mother proud! Bravaaaaaaahhhhhh.

  6. Jan Emily says:

    Fiona's choice of colours and fabrics … SPOT ON!!! What a GORGEOUS cottage bedroom. Those girls have creativity running through their blood for SURE! Can't wait to see your bedroom!!!

  7. Gloria Maggs says:

    Sarah….stellar design as usual! Fun to see the girls growing up, and having their more grown up rooms. All the best. G.

  8. Sarah… I remember watching the episode where you were creating this bedroom for your girls… later when I redecorating my daughter Wendy's room … I found inspiration in using a quilt… so many colors to use … pillows … rugs… lampshades… we even took the color lavender from the quilt and put it on the ceiling… I'm so glad I found you on YouTube… I love every video… thank you for years of glorious design😊

  9. Nick Elvins says:

    I just LOVE those bedside tables in ANY colour. Nice change from pink though Robin. Great choice ! I'm sure you will enjoy your new room.😊

  10. Nick Elvins says:

    Creative! Like mother like daughter. 😘

  11. Nick Elvins says:

    Fiona ,I LOVE your room ! Great colour and pattern. That fabric is such a good choice. You have amazing views to wake up to girl! Sarah ,those night tables look absolutely INCREDIBLE ! Great job as usual. 👍🏻

  12. I absolutely love the brighter room. I adore colour….this room would make me happy! Your daughter has great taste

  13. Donna Gowen says:

    Lovely rooms for your girls.

  14. Love, love love the colours.

  15. Jo Johnston says:

    Lovely rooms. Do the girls keep them so tidy? 😄

  16. ReidandShane says:

    Loved the style of the girls rooms 11 years ago and love the new styles today! So cool Robin is a musician!🎶

  17. Beautiful work as always. I was wondering what white did you use for the rooms?

  18. So great achievements!
    could you please help me with an episode (in the deep past) when you showed how to make and hang on a wall headboard.

  19. Peggy Warren says:

    Love the colors and your logical approach to the design process. Two more perfect rooms in your cottage.

  20. Not only are they your fabrics but they were chosen by your daughter for her own space. That's the biggest compliment of all!

  21. two beautiful bedrooms!!

  22. Robin is so sophisticated for her age, the pale grey is very elegant. Fiona's room is my favourite colour, I adore the headboard material. Both rooms are very classic, neither will date quickly. More first class work Sarah.

  23. gemmster14 says:

    Not the Americans, not the British, oh no! The world of Interior Design is the Canadian gift to humankind 🙂 and Sarah R is the best of the best, can't touch this…

  24. pj northbay says:

    I had no idea you had a channel I'm so very happy to have stumbled upon it!

  25. Jo says:

    Love it. Will Fiona follow in your footsteps you think?

  26. Gunship says:

    Pupper likes the sunny room too, good for afternoon naps.

  27. I miss all her shows!! Glad to have found her!

  28. Sarah, oh how I’ve missed your shows. So excited to have stumbled onto your channel! You’ve always been my favorite designer. How fun it was to have watched the original series and now the updates too. I was so happy to see you kept the quilt rack up in your daughter’s bedroom. You motivated me 11 years ago to do the same in my guest room with a quilt displayed on a oil rubbed bronze towel rack. I get SO many compliments on it and it’s a fun way to display a family heirloom that’s still useful.

  29. Stacy B says:

    I remember watching the original episodes when you had just bought the cottage. It seemed like a blink of an eye ago. How (and why!) do kids have to grow up so fast?!

  30. I love the mirrors in Robyn’s room and the grey palette is so sophisticated.

  31. Fiona has a great eye. I love her fabric selection.

  32. I really miss all the ikat materials you are best known for.

  33. Cece Davis says:

    I am so happy that your videos came up in my feed. I am in the USA and have missed your shows. I remember when you were pregnant and to now see the girls growing up is awesome. Just happy to have found you and your team again. Definitely binge watching your videos.

  34. The pillows are gorgeous! Well, the entire space is, but I love pillows! This room is SOOOOO tranquil!

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