New guy Inspiration | BOYS SHARED BEDROOM TOUR | MODERN, SIMPLE BUT FUN! | interior Design Ideas

DIY Room Decor! 17 Diy Room Decorating Ideas, DIY Ideas for Girls (DIY Wall Decor, Pillows, etc.)
fresh Inspiration | DIY Room Decor! 17 Diy Room Decorating Ideas, DIY Ideas for Girls (DIY Wall Decor, Pillows, etc.) | interior Design Ideas
September 3, 2019
The Sims 4 Speed Build | VSCO GIRL BEDROOM  + CC Links
fresh Inspiration | The Sims 4 Speed Build | VSCO GIRL BEDROOM + CC Links | interior Design Ideas
September 5, 2019

New guy Inspiration | BOYS SHARED BEDROOM TOUR | MODERN, SIMPLE BUT FUN! | interior Design Ideas


As your son moves into adulthood, it calls for a new style for his modern bedroom design ideas. With plenty of personal space, here are our top interior design ideas for creating a stylish, modern bedroom for him that’s both convenient and boys room decor ideas.

Choosing the right furniture will make a world of difference for any teen. interior design ideas for the maturing young man, think in terms of originality and practicality. BOYS SHARED BEDROOM TOUR | MODERN, SIMPLE BUT FUN!.  Pieces with clean lines and functionality are at the top of our list. boys room decor is a convenient way to keep a teen boy’s bedroom looking neat and tidy.

It not only features a plush upholstered frame, but it comes equipped with a height adjusting headboard, as well as sneaky internal storage. Continue the smooth look with simple bedding that’s free from busy patterns.

interior design ideas, boys room decor

On sprecial today




yay for finally finishing the boys room and being able to show you guys, the boys absolutely love it!
hope you enjoy it!

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Here are some things to think about and prepare | Interior Design Ideas

The computer is a big part of any adult teen’s life.

Their social life and study life all take place around the computer, so it’s best to create a place that will foster good studying habits in-between social media scanning. boys room decor

Get away place

Create a place that your teen can get away from it all and just relax. An over-sized, pillow-like lounge chair is a great place to escape to read or listen to music.

Just keep in mind it should be something that can grow with him as he continues to transition into adulthood. Interior Design ideas

Cool Colors

Tone down the bright colors of youth with deeper shades of color. Try a color palette of cool, calm tones, like grays, blues, and greens. Though there is no limit to what color your maturing teen boy might like.

Unique Lighting

Add a touch of originality to your teen boy’s modern bedroom with unique lightings, such as the  Table Lamp. Look for pieces that stand out and bring personality to the room, while remaining practical. boys room decor

Tailored Accents

Art is a great way to express yourself in any room, so let your adult-teen boy express his passions in the form of art.

Whatever his tastes and hobby’s, whether it be surfing, sports, or music, bring in artwork that works well with the style of the space you’re creating.

The artwork is also a great starting place and works well as an inspiration piece to draw a color palette and style from.

Space to Play

Provide a space to play and socialize with friends by including something everyone can enjoy. The pool Table, for example, fosters camaraderie and friendly competition.


You must make a place that fits his thought process, allow the room to express

Give a guy mantle and space for expression and get away

Give a sense of privacy and security, this is his safe space

Interior design ideas





  1. Pammy J says:

    It looks incredible, well done guys xx

  2. Toni Hughes says:

    Aw love the boys bedroom it’s amazing you have done a great job on it xx

  3. Such a brilliant transformation! I like the simplicity of it all. Gorgeous colours too and the light fitting is genius. You can update it quite simply too as the boys get a little older by changing bedding and the odd piece here and there. Well done both of you. 👏🏻👍🤗

  4. Miss K says:

    Love the lights, what a great idea!

  5. Amy Campbell says:

    Don't really like the idea of mattresses on the floor, but that's just my opinion, still a lovely room! Love how you've painted it x

  6. Looks lovely, love the colours x

  7. LOVE it !! 😍 what lucky boys !! X

  8. You should be proud Rebecca what a transformation from how it was, lovely family X

  9. izzy m says:

    Beautiful Rebecca…. good taste 😘

  10. Jayne Vassar says:

    Looks fab Rebecca thanks for sharing xx

  11. Absolutely love it, obsessed with the beds! 😍 the room looks huge compared to the before footage! Xxxx

  12. Vicky Brown says:

    Gorgeous room 😍 but it may cause issues with the mattresses on the floor, maybe you could build slats in?xxx

  13. Emma Atkins says:

    Love the boys room you both did a great job .

  14. Heather Coe says:

    So cute!! Love the room!!

  15. Awesome job! Love the beds ❤

  16. Wow! Lovely room guys..u have both worked ur magic on this room as you have the kitchen..I also had my sons beds low to the floor which was great for a while, but in the colder winter months u may find that they get very chilly at that the colour ❤❤

  17. Paige Hudder says:

    The room is gorgeous! You’ve done a fantastic job. Bet the boys love it too. X

  18. Love the colour theme! 😊

  19. Hi looks amazing well done!!!!! Just a heads up, if either of your boys have asthma then the mattress on the floor could be an issue, otherwise I think they look brill xx

  20. Abi Hume says:

    Looks fab! Thanks for sharing xx

  21. Looks lovely Hun💖 , I bet they love it looks sooo cosy and cute ☺ Xxx

  22. Emza J says:

    I love the beds but I really don’t liken the mattress on the floor. Won’t it be uncomfortable and cause damp? Not being horrible by the way the room is lovely 😊

  23. What a gorgeous room. I’m sure the boys must love it xx

  24. What is the blue paint that you used please? Decorating my little boys room and got a baby boy due november and this paint it perfect💕💕

  25. Gill Mills says:

    Love it! Especially the light. What's that little frame on the wall above the radiator and turtle print?

  26. WOW 😮 it looks amazing 😍

  27. great room and lovely carpet but really not a fan of beds on the floor. so important for them to sleep higher up xx

  28. Lucy vernon says:

    Lovely transformation, you should be so proud of yourself😍💙

  29. Sarah Clowes says:

    Rebecca it's such a cute room. I think it's so sweet that the boys want to share a room. It's gorgeous and I love the light fitting. You should be proud! We have that little giraffe it's so cute and I'm definitely going to check out that bookcase, I've been looking for one of those. X

  30. Looks great do you have the link for the knitted dolls that feed children with every purchase please

  31. Mrs Hible says:

    Wow what an amazing room! The boys are so lucky. You and Steve have done the most wonderful job. Xxx

  32. zoe b says:

    How lovely! I shouldn’t give notice to the haters moaning about the mattresses but it bugs me. Don’t they know there are real problems in the world! Your children are very lucky, great parents xx

  33. Oh that’s beautiful, love it 😍

  34. Sarah Davies says:

    What an amazing room! The beds etc are gorgeous, they must be so happy 😀❤️

  35. pinklou84 says:

    I bet woody loves his big boy bed, at least you don't have to worry about him falling out at night, you have done a great job.

  36. Mrs brown says:

    I really like the room theme and colours. The lighting is fab. The only thing I thinks worth adding for peice of mind as steve seemd creative is maybe a woooden base and slats to raise the mattresses off the floor. Maybe in time a nice rug as my sons marks his carpet easily.

  37. Natalie Beau says:

    Beautiful room 👌🏼 I really do wish people would stop being so bloody nasty and horrible to this beautiful girl! Her and Steve do what’s best for those boys! Beds shouldn’t be on the floor, blah blah – I understand some were just letting them know the pros and cons and there was no nastiness intended but to the others that were being nasty – I’m sure the fresh air in the dales will do the boys the world of good after a horrible night on the floor as some of yous were saying! That’s just like me saying that your a bad parent because you stay in a city/built up area and your children are breathing in all the toxins and pollutants that are created by buses/cars and whatever else…. be a bit more considerate before trying to bring someone else down that’s done nothing wrong! Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter

  38. I love their bedroom & the beds!! The colour scheme is so nice and it’s child friendly without been a typical child’s bedroom if that makes sense! Xx

  39. Those who are being critical of the beds; they're Montessori-inspired beds. Maybe read up on Montessori before commenting. I personally like the idea of Montessori-inspired beds for toddlers but Alfie is far too old for one of them now (he's able and capable of climbing in and out of an elevated bed now). Those beds fetch up to over £500 quid online, and they're not necessarily just a mattress on the floor. They're pupose built and common in numerous other countries. It's a beautiful bedroom Rebecca. You've done an amazing job. Lucky boys. As long as you and the boys love it, that's all that matters xxx

  40. I think the room is lovely. I really would not worry about the mattresses being on the floor. Many cultures actually sleep on the floor 😊

  41. Stunning room, perfect for the boys! Love the light, looks amazing. Steve did a fantastic job! x

  42. Jade Logan says:

    The boys room looks really nice I like the animal theme, the animals on the wall are so cute xx

  43. Carol Austin says:

    Perfect boys room – well done. The lights are just genius – very imaginative using a ladder like that!

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