fresh Inspiration | Toddler Girl Bedroom Tour | DIY Bedroom Decor | interior Design Ideas

Attic Boy bedroom remodel
New guy Inspiration | Attic Boy bedroom remodel | interior Design Ideas
June 24, 2019
New guy Inspiration | BOYS ROOM TOUR | NEW YORK CITY | SHARED ROOM IDEAS | PRE-TEEN & CHILD | interior Design Ideas
June 27, 2019

fresh Inspiration | Toddler Girl Bedroom Tour | DIY Bedroom Decor | interior Design Ideas

Toddler Girl Bedroom Tour | DIY Bedroom Decor

Looking for girls bedroom design ideas? A girl’s bedroom is her sanctuary from the outside world as she grows up. Girl’s interior design ideas for bedrooms are certainly not limited to fluffy beds and all-over pink decors any more | Toddler Girl Bedroom Tour | DIY Bedroom Decor

Today’s girls bedrooms are as varied as each girl’s personality with styles, colors and motifs in an endless range of possibilities. interior design ideas .Putting together a cohesive, creative and practical scheme for a girls’ bedroom is no mean feat.

From baby girls to young girls bedrooms to preteen girls rooms to teen girls bedrooms, you’ll find a room design and ideas for every stage of a girl’s childhood. Interior design ideas

Toddler Girl Bedroom Tour | DIY Bedroom Decor


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Girl’s bedroom ideas

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Hope you enjoy this tour of my daughter’s little girl bedroom:
Here’s where I found all the stuff!

Evonnie’s Dress:

Side Table: (currently out of stock, but check this one out!)

Wooden Hooks:

Wooden Toy Camera:


Cloth Bins:


Salt Rock Lamp: ( I got mine at Home Goods, but here’s a similar one)

Bowl Chair:


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Design ideas

accessible storage

The key is to introduce flexible and accessible storage, colourful accents, and one or two striking elements for a look that can evolve as your little girl grows up. |

Check out more of interior Design ideas for smaller rooms

flexible space

A girls’ bedroom needs to be a flexible space, accommodating their changing needs from babyhood through to teenage years.

wardrobes and chests of drawers

So it makes sense to ensure that big-ticket items such as beds, wardrobes and chests of drawers will stand the test of time.

Add colour, pattern and magical touches

Add colour, pattern and magical touches through fabric, lighting, artwork and quirky accessories. Take a look at our best girl’s bedroom ideas for inspiration…


Toddler Girl Bedroom Tour | DIY Bedroom Decor



  1. Looks soooo good !!!! 💕💗💕💕

  2. Man I need that robot! Totally!

  3. Linda S says:

    I Love Evonnie's bedroom. I love a little girl having pink but pink everything is to much. Yeah you gave her a different color but yet like a little girl. Some of your natural colored furniture could be used in your little boys room if you choose to make a change later. Enjoy your vacumn.

  4. I loved this. It's so simple and clean but looks so nice. Also if sponsored videos mean an extra video a week then PLEASE KEEP DOING THEM. I found you channel about 2 months ago and I have watched ever single video so the more content the better

  5. Love the Rug and the tassels!

  6. She is so precious! The rug is very pretty. Love the colors. Cute room!

  7. Susan says:

    Your little one is adorable. Love her name! Cutest room ever, tassels are very in right now and you did a great job making them and decorating. Love your channel!

  8. Brenda Tate says:

    She has a cute room! Good Job Mommy!

  9. Love this video! Her room is so cute. Yes, she is a good little child.

  10. Dondra H. says:

    I absolutely love her room, especially the bed design!! Ive always felt more comfortable going without a bed frame, until my kids are a bit older! The tassels, the alpacas, are super cute!! … and her nap time routine is REALLY impressive!! 👌🏼:)

  11. Marie Lawson says:

    Great room, the bed is amazing… that rug ❤️❤️❤️ love the colours! The drawer system is a great idea too! Your so creative

    a thought: why doesn’t hubby add a rail on the back side of the bed to keep her from falling in the crack or the pillows and blankets from blocking the vent……

  12. That bed on the floor and the frame your husband built is perfect!!! Love it!!

  13. Piuza P says:

    Love the tassels and pillows and lace curtains and the bed. Very nice room for a little girl 👧 ❣️
    Love the robot vacuum cleaner also! Hope to get one.


  14. Megan, Evonnie's room is just precious. You are an amazing woman and mom. Consider getting some gauzy type fabric and using it to decorate the uprights and center piece of wood to create a whimsical, fairytale look on her bed.

  15. I’m so excited you’re getting sponsors!! Your channel is really growing & that’s awesome!!!!

  16. I have a 12 year old dog who has lots of accidents in the house. The robotic vacuums scare me.

  17. Thanks for the rug link. Great prices!

  18. Adorable! I want that room!lol! Very amazing!

  19. Lucy says:

    This is an adorable room. I love the hand crafted bed (I've done some similar wood building projects like that myself). I love the safety of the mattress on the floor, but is the space between the mattress and the rail big enough for her (or her little brother) to try to squeeze through and get stuck? That would worry me. Maybe it just looks that way on video. Other than that, I love how you've decorated the room! I thoroughly enjoy your channel. You have a very sweet family.

  20. Amy T says:

    I'm just wondering how you like the robot now that you've had it for awhile. Are you still using it? Have you come across any issues? ☺

  21. Cute baby girl and bed 😍

  22. Gorgeous and fun and peaceful.

  23. Love your girls bedroom. Rug, bed and everything. Hope you are using robo vac. I love mine.

  24. hjkahvedjian says:

    love those kind of rugs but never knew how I could put it in a room without it being too busy. love love love how you mixed it with a lot of white and wood. and the 2 colors of pillows on her bed work so well with it, as well. what an adorable room! thanks so much for sharing!

  25. @meganfox unlocked this may have already been asked and answered but was wondering if how your curtains are off to just one side is part of the Mennonite lifestyle? (Honest question, no disrespect)

  26. I want one 🧘‍♀️👱‍♀️

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