New guy Inspiration | Teenage Boy Room Makeover | Clean With Me | Target Haul | PamLaShawn | interior Design Ideas

New guy Inspiration | 17 YEAR OLD BOY ROOM TOUR 2019! | interior Design Ideas
March 23, 2019
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March 27, 2019

New guy Inspiration | Teenage Boy Room Makeover | Clean With Me | Target Haul | PamLaShawn | interior Design Ideas

Teenage Boy Room Makeover | Clean With Me | Target Haul | PamLaShawn

As your son moves into adulthood, it calls for a new style for his modern bedroom design ideas. With plenty of personal space, here are our top interior design ideas for creating a stylish, modern bedroom for him that’s both convenient and boys room decor ideas.

Choosing the right furniture will make a world of difference for any teen. interior design ideas for the maturing young man, think in terms of originality and practicality. Teenage Boy Room Makeover | Clean With Me | Target Haul | PamLaShawn.  Pieces with clean lines and functionality are at the top of our list. boys room decor is a convenient way to keep a teen boy’s bedroom looking neat and tidy.

It not only features a plush upholstered frame, but it comes equipped with a height adjusting headboard, as well as sneaky internal storage. Continue the smooth look with simple bedding that’s free from busy patterns.

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Teenage Boy Room Makeover | Clean With Me | Target Haul | PamLaShawn

Hey Family!

So sorry I could not get this video up. I stayed on the phone with Apple a long time and to be honest I don’t think it is fixed all the way. (sighs)


In today’s Video I gave my teenage son’s room a makeover and did a little “Clean With Me.” I still have to add decor but still wanted to share it. Everything came from Target. Hope you all are enjoying the videos!

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Here are some things to think about and prepare | Interior Design Ideas

The computer is a big part of any adult teen’s life.

Their social life and study life all take place around the computer, so it’s best to create a place that will foster good studying habits in-between social media scanning. boys room decor

Get away place

Create a place that your teen can get away from it all and just relax. An over-sized, pillow-like lounge chair is a great place to escape to read or listen to music.

Just keep in mind it should be something that can grow with him as he continues to transition into adulthood. Interior Design ideas

Cool Colors

Tone down the bright colors of youth with deeper shades of color. Try a color palette of cool, calm tones, like grays, blues, and greens. Though there is no limit to what color your maturing teen boy might like.

Unique Lighting

Add a touch of originality to your teen boy’s modern bedroom with unique lightings, such as the  Table Lamp. Look for pieces that stand out and bring personality to the room, while remaining practical. boys room decor

Tailored Accents

Art is a great way to express yourself in any room, so let your adult-teen boy express his passions in the form of art.

Whatever his tastes and hobby’s, whether it be surfing, sports, or music, bring in artwork that works well with the style of the space you’re creating.

The artwork is also a great starting place and works well as an inspiration piece to draw a color palette and style from.

Space to Play

Provide a space to play and socialize with friends by including something everyone can enjoy. The pool Table, for example, fosters camaraderie and friendly competition.


You must make a place that fits his thought process, allow the room to express

Give a guy mantle and space for expression and get away

Give a sense of privacy and security, this is his safe space

Interior design ideas


Teenage Boy Room Makeover | Clean With Me | Target Haul | PamLaShawn



  1. First !! You had me cracking up . I know the feeling trying to make up them bunk beds lol. Looks amazing tho

  2. Diana Jada says:

    I absolutely loved how the room turned out. Beautiful.

  3. The room looks so nice and neat can't wait to see you do your other rooms. Have a Bless Day!

  4. Lisa Brooks says:

    You know it’s nothing no one can say bad about your decorating skills. You should be an interior designer… I’m anxious to see what you do next!

  5. Verona Coles says:

    His room looks great. ❤️

  6. Laura Torres says:

    Love the room.. please do a house walk through when you finish decorating!! God Bless.

  7. Juanita says:

    Great job!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  8. KINYUA says:

    Love the color scheme and also how all the boys rooms coincide with each other

  9. Beautiful job mom your boys are truly blessed

  10. Hey Pam,it came out really nice. I keep hearing that Target has good sheets.I will be going to check them out,&some throw pillows.

  11. Love your videos and your decorating skills are the BOMB!! Everything looks great!!

  12. I am enjoying your videos!! That is a good idea just draping the blanket on the top bunk because I thought I was the only one who struggled with making that top bed! Smh!

  13. Hi Pam l am new to your channel. I watched some of your videos you have so real GOOD content. VERY BEAUTIFUL HOME. OH YEAH I WILL BE WATCHING.

  14. ChristyJai says:

    Amazing! I’ve searched up and down for teenage boys room decor. Finally! Yet My2boiyz bed is a light brown wood. Until I saw your video I didn’t think there was any hope being that their room is so small. Yet you have shined a new light! Everything looks great!! Where did you purchase the dressers if you don’t mind me asking☺️☺️

  15. Anika C says:

    New subbie! I love the bunk beds. Where did you get them?

  16. I knew you were from Texas by the look of your house. I was like dang this house is huge😍. You have a really nice home. We live in Florida and it’s competitive out here when it comes to homes plus it’s over priced. I hope my fiancé realizes that we need to make that move bc them house are very affordable with more room. We’re a family of 4.

  17. Songo28 XOXO says:

    New on here and I am in love.

  18. Do you like the bed and the box spring and would buy it for your mother because I am thinking of buying it for my mother in law

  19. Aziza Lehman says:

    I really like it it gave me ideas for my so. Thank you

  20. Hey mama what’s the purpose of both TVs in the room for the boys? Asking because my girls share a room

  21. Sazon Man says:

    I always wash every and all of my linen including towels prior to using them…the room look amazing including color scheme.

  22. Nanette P says:

    Everything looks great 👍🏾

  23. It's Autumn says:

    Lol he was like “🤷🏾‍♀️i mean i tried to help”. 😂

  24. Wimbogang Tv says:

    I have a 13 yr old and an 11 yr old sharing a room and you just gave me a great idea! Where did you get the bunk beds from

  25. fifi mpia says:

    Good job sis, but I think the furniture placement would look better rearranged. The bunk bed would look better on the opposite side of the room, where the tvs are which would free up the window and allow more natural light into the room making the room pop even more and you could always hang the tvs on the wall where the bunk bed currently is, unless you did it as shown on purpose to block easy access to the window for the kids safety. Anyways good job. I was laughing cos you climbing up to do the bunk beds reminds me of me when doing up my kids bunk beds also, plus I'm petite my self so I totally get it. Lol

  26. I love it. I know how it is being short😊. Am five feet. I my son room, I had bunk bed too. It was something making it up. As he gotten older, my husband,and I changed it to a single Queens size bed for him. Again nice video Thanks for sharing.

  27. SSC says:

    I just started using both plug ins also loo! Clean linen has always been a staple in my house but I also used the lemon scent from Bath & Body works with it. I’m so shocked that you do the exact same thing lol! 👍🏼

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