New guy Inspiration | WHAT I GOT MY KIDS FOR CHRISTMAS 2018 / BUDGET GIFT GUIDE BOY,GIRL TOP TOYS | interior Design Ideas

Pink Room Tour - Boho + Modern Girls Bedroom Reveal (One Room Challenge)
fresh Inspiration | Pink Room Tour – Boho + Modern Girls Bedroom Reveal (One Room Challenge) | interior Design Ideas
November 27, 2018
70 Cool Bunk Beds Ideas for Girls - Save lot of Bedroom Space
fresh Inspiration | 70 Cool Bunk Beds Ideas for Girls – Save lot of Bedroom Space | interior Design Ideas
December 1, 2018

New guy Inspiration | WHAT I GOT MY KIDS FOR CHRISTMAS 2018 / BUDGET GIFT GUIDE BOY,GIRL TOP TOYS | interior Design Ideas


As your son moves into adulthood, it calls for a new style for his modern bedroom design ideas. With plenty of personal space, here are our top interior design ideas for creating a stylish, modern bedroom for him that’s both convenient and boys room decor ideas.

Choosing the right furniture will make a world of difference for any teen. interior design ideas for the maturing young man, think in terms of originality and practicality. WHAT I GOT MY KIDS FOR CHRISTMAS 2018 / BUDGET GIFT GUIDE BOY,GIRL TOP TOYS.  Pieces with clean lines and functionality are at the top of our list. boys room decor is a convenient way to keep a teen boy’s bedroom looking neat and tidy.

It not only features a plush upholstered frame, but it comes equipped with a height adjusting headboard, as well as sneaky internal storage. Continue the smooth look with simple bedding that’s free from busy patterns.

interior design ideas, boys room decor

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Hi welcome back to my channel I have a What I got my kids for Christmas 2018 , so a little bit of a kids gift guide. I was able to get some of the top toys for 2018 whilst still saving a good bit of money. So hopefully this will be helpful for anyone on a budget or just trying to save money over Xmas. Hope you enjoy,
WATCH 2017 What my kids got Xmas ;


Links to items in video in order they appear:

Here are some things to think about and prepare | Interior Design Ideas

The computer is a big part of any adult teen’s life.

Their social life and study life all take place around the computer, so it’s best to create a place that will foster good studying habits in-between social media scanning. boys room decor

Get away place

Create a place that your teen can get away from it all and just relax. An over-sized, pillow-like lounge chair is a great place to escape to read or listen to music.

Just keep in mind it should be something that can grow with him as he continues to transition into adulthood. Interior Design ideas

Cool Colors

Tone down the bright colors of youth with deeper shades of color. Try a color palette of cool, calm tones, like grays, blues, and greens. Though there is no limit to what color your maturing teen boy might like.

Unique Lighting

Add a touch of originality to your teen boy’s modern bedroom with unique lightings, such as the  Table Lamp. Look for pieces that stand out and bring personality to the room, while remaining practical. boys room decor

Tailored Accents

Art is a great way to express yourself in any room, so let your adult-teen boy express his passions in the form of art.

Whatever his tastes and hobby’s, whether it be surfing, sports, or music, bring in artwork that works well with the style of the space you’re creating.

The artwork is also a great starting place and works well as an inspiration piece to draw a color palette and style from.

Space to Play

Provide a space to play and socialize with friends by including something everyone can enjoy. The pool Table, for example, fosters camaraderie and friendly competition.


You must make a place that fits his thought process, allow the room to express

Give a guy mantle and space for expression and get away

Give a sense of privacy and security, this is his safe space

Interior design ideas





  1. Hi thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed and got some gift inspiration. I have just added in the description box links to any of the items as they appear in the video. Let me know what is on your kids Xmas list this year!? Last year I uploaded What I got my kids for Xmas stockings you can watch here:

  2. sunflower 77 says:

    My son is 6 and asked for a ATST RC from star wars and Jurassic world lego. My daughter is 11 and never asks for anything she doesn't want toys so she is getting a tablet, make up and I've treated her to her first Pandora bracelet

  3. Lisa Kelly says:

    Hi Ashley I haven't done anything I got a bit of bad news about my health and I just can't get my head round any thing but thanks to this video I'm going to go online. And get a few things u just motivated me thanks. Ur kids are going to be very very happy

  4. Kate Goode says:

    Some great ideas, thank you. I need a couple of little bits to finish my 2 boys off (who are 10 months apart and 5 & 4 so totally get what you mean by the same but different!) so am definitely going to order those Dino fingerlings. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with all your wrapping!!! X

  5. N Newsome says:

    Loving these videos Ashley thank you so much! X

  6. N Newsome says:

    Loving these videos Ashley, thank you so much! X

  7. Holly .C. says:

    Love your videos!! ☺️

  8. Mine are all wrapped and in the attic, we have to hide everything as they are visiting at the weekends, I go around the shops all the time, they've had everything, my eldest granddaughter is easy, gift sets from boots in last season's 70% off, handbags in the sale throughout the year from River Island, the next girl is sport mad, she is football crazy, this year I've mixed it up a bit, hockey stick and ball, metal detector, science bits, her sister is the easiest, very girlie, dolls and dressing up, my grandson at 3 Thomas the tank engine, and EVERYTHING else under the sun, Saturday when they arrive we will have elf on the shelf in full swing, crafting weekend, movies etc, and Sunday before they go home, North Pole breakfast, wish me luck, xx

  9. Really enjoyed seeing all your bargains! Im definately going to get the unicorn case my little girl will love it xx

  10. The fish for floaters game is also in the works for £5 xx

  11. An excellent vlog; very informative 👍😀

  12. Nice video, some great presents, your kids will love them xx

  13. Well done. A lot of people shun the argos 3 for 2 but if u are smart and get the high ticket items there are real savings to be made. I got 2 electric scooters £100 each and the Harry Potter train £74.99 free. Also 2 nerf guns reduced from £40 to £20 and a little zinc scooter @ £20 for free too

  14. Fiona says:

    Yay brilliant presents . So glad you posted this nice and early so I have time to get things. Sometimes people do fab gift hauls two days before Xmas it’s too late to get the stuff x

  15. Fantastic video as always!
    Playmobil is a big one on my kids lists these, my 8 year old girl is getting the big horse country house, also the lol biggie pets. Xx

  16. You got a lot for your money and lovely gifts xx

  17. Steph&Khloe says:

    Wow your so organised Ashley 😁 great ideas I need to get the unicorn vanity case for my little girl she will love that 😘 xxxx

  18. Brill. Lots of ideas for my boys aged 3 and 6. Crate creatures here I come 🙈😩x

  19. The stockings at the end of the bed are the best bit ❤️, home bargains had some great low budget gifts 🎁, I also filmed a Children’s Christmas gift guide xx

  20. Lovely presents, & what a saving, the kids with be so happy x

  21. Great video Ashley 👍
    My little one has just recently started to wear glasses all the time too bless her, she thinks it’s cool 😎 So definitely going to get her a new girlie glasses case
    I’m glad you got some lovely bargains Anyone that doesn’t take advantage of a 3 for 2 offer is crazy
    I always do the Boots offers for the grownups too!
    Thanks Hun xx

  22. Steph Nicole says:

    Calico critters houses and accessories fit the LOL dolls. My daughter loves LOLs. Happy holidays!!

  23. Great video. Will you be doing a stocking video

  24. lace garvey says:

    If sonny is 3 my little brother is called sonny and he’s 3 and he’s obsessed with paw patrol and we are thinking of getting him that fire engine x

  25. Great vlog and great presents xxx

  26. Omg I got 5 kids 8 and under lol

  27. Mine 2 boys are under a year apart and they have 99 percent the same for Christmas but diff style like your little ones

  28. Oh I'm so glad you're video popped up as a recommended video for me. I have a 8 year old boy, 5 year old girl, 3 year old boy, 2 year old girl, and a 5 month old boy.

  29. Cute! I just uploaded a video of the gifts we bought for our kids We only got one gift for each but your ideas are awesome. I will keep them in mind for a future. I forgot stocking stuffers

  30. candi0826 says:

    Are you saying pounds or points lol

  31. Tilly Rose says:

    Anyone else watching this at age9

  32. meezergurl says:

    I LOVED tea sets so much as a kid – one birthday I got 3 and was so thrilled. Still have a tiny china jug 50 years later. You are so blessed to have 5 kids!!! Just found your channel and subbed from Canada altho 25% Irish from my dad's side so loving your accent.

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