fresh Inspiration | DIY Girl Bedroom Makeover & Reveal On A Budget | interior Design Ideas

Aesthetic Teen Girls Bedroom ||Welcome To Bloxburg ||Angel xYT
fresh Inspiration | Aesthetic Teen Girls Bedroom ||Welcome To Bloxburg ||Angel xYT | interior Design Ideas
November 19, 2018
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November 20, 2018

fresh Inspiration | DIY Girl Bedroom Makeover & Reveal On A Budget | interior Design Ideas

DIY Girl Bedroom Makeover & Reveal On A Budget

Looking for girls bedroom design ideas? A girl’s bedroom is her sanctuary from the outside world as she grows up. Girl’s interior design ideas for bedrooms are certainly not limited to fluffy beds and all-over pink decors any more | DIY Girl Bedroom Makeover & Reveal On A Budget

Today’s girls bedrooms are as varied as each girl’s personality with styles, colors and motifs in an endless range of possibilities. interior design ideas .Putting together a cohesive, creative and practical scheme for a girls’ bedroom is no mean feat.

From baby girls to young girls bedrooms to preteen girls rooms to teen girls bedrooms, you’ll find a room design and ideas for every stage of a girl’s childhood. Interior design ideas

DIY Girl Bedroom Makeover & Reveal On A Budget


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Girl’s bedroom ideas

You have been waiting for this #DIY Girl Bedroom Makeover for MONTHS and it is finally here. We did this full Girl’s Bedroom Makeover for our 7-year-old daughter and it took about 2 weeks from start to finish. The reveal was ADORABLE. We set a budget of $1500, which included buying a whole new (to us) loft bed! In this DIY we show you every single step of our daughter’s bedroom makeover, watch it all and maybe you will get some ideas for your own bedroom makeover.





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We are a family of three (Wendy & Mauricio and Melina Age 7), living in Vienna, Virginia with my parents while we get the heck out of debt! We are all about having a happy life and a happy home but all while keeping it real about life’s ups and downs. On this channel, you will see, us walking through the debt-free process, debt-free motivation, weight watchers and everything working mom! I hope you stick around!

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Design ideas

accessible storage

The key is to introduce flexible and accessible storage, colourful accents, and one or two striking elements for a look that can evolve as your little girl grows up. |

Check out more of interior Design ideas for smaller rooms

flexible space

A girls’ bedroom needs to be a flexible space, accommodating their changing needs from babyhood through to teenage years.

wardrobes and chests of drawers

So it makes sense to ensure that big-ticket items such as beds, wardrobes and chests of drawers will stand the test of time.

Add colour, pattern and magical touches

Add colour, pattern and magical touches through fabric, lighting, artwork and quirky accessories. Take a look at our best girl’s bedroom ideas for inspiration…


DIY Girl Bedroom Makeover & Reveal On A Budget



  1. Me & my husband always fight when we put stuff together 😂

  2. Loved it all. Great job. What a lucky girl:)

  3. Wendy, you guys did awesome on Melina's room! Great video too!!

  4. Such a beautiful room 💗

  5. Dave Taylor says:

    Such a wonderful job! I love it all!

  6. Lovely Libra says:

    Aww the little birthday notes on her chalkboard 😊😊😊

  7. U showed yo address on the recipe

  8. Laila Shahab says:

    Why would you have your address in the video? 💀

  9. OMG!! Her room is so beautiful. You guys did an awesome job. I’m looking to do a surprise make over for my daughters 10th bday and this video gives me a lot of inspiration. Also, where’d you get your precious daughters dress. It’s gorg 💕

  10. I love this room 😲😍 want it for my own. 😍

  11. OMG this is amzing I wish you could do my room

  12. Ab Nina says:

    I like your room

  13. Layla's life says:

    I was cute but she really had to so much talking

  14. Mom: that will last her through her teen years
    Me:… lmao she is definitely gonna become emo

  15. Best birthday gift ever absolutely gorgeous. Your good for at least 7 yrs.

  16. My daughter will be 7 in November and we’re moving into our new home next month. This room is perfect for her. Minus the ombré wall and lights from China, I’m doing this. Thank you.

  17. People ask me what is wrong with my voice every single day. So I decided to do a video on it. If you would like to check it out, click here —–>

  18. For Christmas this year I have decided to do a room makeover present for 4 of my kids. We will give them a surprise that all of them will go to grandmas on there own and then for 4 days we will be decorating there rooms then we will go to grandmas then we will be heading to LA. Then at the end of the holiday they will come home and go in there bed rooms and be so surprised

  19. reina rae says:

    Your voice seems normal to me 🤔

  20. Malissa Legg says:

    Love it! I'm getting ready to do a makeover for my twin girls' room(They will be 12) and I love love love the ombre wall!!! Can you point me to the link to that tutorial?

  21. ANITA COY says:

    It looks so cool 💗💗💗💗💗❤💙

  22. i like the painted wall😍😍😍

  23. Hello Wendy! this may be a ridiculous question but would you happend to know the dimensions of your daughyers bedroom, asking bc I would like to take you idea but not sure is I have the size bedroom space for it !! ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DID

  24. I literally just realized I have the same cubbies as her. I put my TV on it

  25. I did the same wall but green in the bottom

  26. Olga Ortiz says:


  27. I want this to be my room and I’m literally 13

  28. budget and 1500 for a kids room
    don’t really go together

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