New guy Inspiration | TWIN BOYS NURSERY ROOM TOUR 2018 | interior Design Ideas

The best ideas, Blue-bedroom ideas for teenage girls with medium sized rooms
fresh Inspiration | The best ideas, Blue-bedroom ideas for teenage girls with medium sized rooms | interior Design Ideas
August 6, 2018
Girls bedroom ideas 6 Year Old - Boy Room Decorating Ideas
New guy Inspiration | Girls bedroom ideas 6 Year Old – Boy Room Decorating Ideas | interior Design Ideas
August 8, 2018

As your son moves into adulthood, it calls for a new style for his modern bedroom design ideas. With plenty of personal space, here are our top interior design ideas for creating a stylish, modern bedroom for him that’s both convenient and boys room decor ideas.

Choosing the right furniture will make a world of difference for any teen. interior design ideas for the maturing young man, think in terms of originality and practicality. TWIN BOYS NURSERY ROOM TOUR 2018.  Pieces with clean lines and functionality are at the top of our list. boys room decor is a convenient way to keep a teen boy’s bedroom looking neat and tidy.

It not only features a plush upholstered frame, but it comes equipped with a height adjusting headboard, as well as sneaky internal storage. Continue the smooth look with simple bedding that’s free from busy patterns.

interior design ideas, boys room decor

On sprecial today



Hi all,

I hope you’re well!!!! Here is the boy’s nursery tour vlog.

Links :-
Nappy bin

Wipe dispenser

Nursery furniture, we just had to buy a second cot bed

Cot bed sheets, chevron pattern

Cot bed sheets striped
Miffy rabbit

Striped storage boxes

Baby blue coat hangers

White hangers

Cot bed mattress protector


Egg thermometer

Changing mat

Wall art pictures

Led light up blue cloud

My hummy white noise toys

Glider chair

Navy lamp

Here are some things to think about and prepare | Interior Design Ideas

The computer is a big part of any adult teen’s life.

Their social life and study life all take place around the computer, so it’s best to create a place that will foster good studying habits in-between social media scanning. boys room decor

Get away place

Create a place that your teen can get away from it all and just relax. An over-sized, pillow-like lounge chair is a great place to escape to read or listen to music.

Just keep in mind it should be something that can grow with him as he continues to transition into adulthood. Interior Design ideas

Cool Colors

Tone down the bright colors of youth with deeper shades of color. Try a color palette of cool, calm tones, like grays, blues, and greens. Though there is no limit to what color your maturing teen boy might like.

Unique Lighting

Add a touch of originality to your teen boy’s modern bedroom with unique lightings, such as the  Table Lamp. Look for pieces that stand out and bring personality to the room, while remaining practical. boys room decor

Tailored Accents

Art is a great way to express yourself in any room, so let your adult-teen boy express his passions in the form of art.

Whatever his tastes and hobby’s, whether it be surfing, sports, or music, bring in artwork that works well with the style of the space you’re creating.

The artwork is also a great starting place and works well as an inspiration piece to draw a color palette and style from.

Space to Play

Provide a space to play and socialize with friends by including something everyone can enjoy. The pool Table, for example, fosters camaraderie and friendly competition.


You must make a place that fits his thought process, allow the room to express

Give a guy mantle and space for expression and get away

Give a sense of privacy and security, this is his safe space

Interior design ideas





  1. Everything is gorgeous where are the sleeping bags from there so nice x

  2. angela Clark says:

    Wow looks really amazing ♥️

  3. The boys room is fab!! Love the colours and patterns yous have used, looks like a show room Nikki, it’s absolutely perfect!! The furniture is beautiful 💙 xxx

  4. You really don’t need a camera. We just had a standard bt sound monitor for our twins and that was completely sufficient

  5. I remember Chicken Lickin – didn't they all think the sky was falling down? Happy childhood memories 🙂 X

  6. GRATITUDE says:

    Very classy love it .

  7. Hels Myatt says:

    Love the boys nursery Nikki, so excited for you both..not long now xxx

  8. Sarah Pearce says:

    My friend had 2 cameras linked to the same monitor on the edge of each cot and you could zoom in and check each baby

  9. I love the nursery! We had all white nurseries for our boys! And cotbeds are amazing thats what i had too! Have you considered raising the matress of the cotbeds because its a very long way down to put baby. Then drop them down as boys grow. Also the gro egg on the window wont give a true reading of the room as it will take the heat or cold from the window. I learnt that the hard way!

  10. Joanna Wood says:

    I have just watched your vlog whilst on holiday in Turkey. Absolutely perfect bedroom Nikki, I love your style. The furniture looks lovely & I want the glider chair. Your twins will love their bedroom & have many happy memories to come. Good luck with the birth, I am excited to meet your two bundles of joy soon & hearing what you have named the twins 💙💙xxx

  11. LilyEllax says:

    You can get twin baby monitors. If you like monochrome clothes check out a handmade Instagram shop called buddyandthebear x

  12. Loopylu005 says:

    Is the rug black or navy? Xx

  13. sweety you look so pretty as always with or without makeup and ya little boys nursery is lovely xxxx

  14. Sarah Gibson says:

    My friends wrote on nappies for me too but be careful because the permanent marker on the nappies transferred onto my change mat and I couldn't get it off!

  15. Donna Cowan says:

    Omg Chicken Lickin! Classic childhood book😘

  16. Can I jus advice politly if possible please avoid johnson products on the boys as it causes skin conditions in children I m a nursery nurse and in my 10 years experience of working with the children it has always been a complaint of parents all the best.

  17. Such a gorgeous room so exciting 😀💙

  18. Karen Jordan says:

    Such a beautiful nursery for your twin baby boys , I can't believe you haven't got your hospital bag ready as twins normally come early I had my twin girls at 32 weeks but I think you will be nearly full term as your very healthy & had a stress free pregnancy I can't wait to met them both , love following your channel & Instagram 💙💙

  19. Girl you should get them used to noise and light the second they come out of you! Trust me it’s so much easier to have a baby (let alone twins) that are used to sounds and lights while sleeping. That way you don’t have to worry about being quiet as a mouse just because it’s nap time. I remember my mother used to keep the lights on, curtains open, and would vacuum in my room when I was a baby (I was a twin too). And I did the same with my son, and will again with this baby come December! Congrats on your pregnancy hun, I wish you the best of luck!💕

  20. Awwwwww your boys are so so lucky, their nursery is fabulous. I used to love Miffy as a child, it really has been around all that time!!!! X

  21. This is gorgeous. If I'm ever lucky enough to have another baby and they are a boy i will be pinching your decor ideas. 😍

  22. Mrs KRP says:

    You can get a baby monitor that you can move by the control pad/screen that you have I think it's a Motorola one it looks like an old webcam. My sister in law had twin girls and this was brilliant xx

  23. It looks fantastic I love the style and I love memories !

  24. So so happy for you both, lucky lucky boys to have you as parents and the nursery is beautiful xx

  25. I love the room it's nice and simple yet very stunning

  26. Andrea C says:

    It is cuteee, totally instagram ready too 😍

  27. Nora Armenta says:

    The baby clothes are soooo cuteeee!!!!!

  28. Taylor9 says:

    Is there a reason why you hung the left clothes reversed ? (Hangers are backwards)

  29. rosa99 says:

    i was thinking of putting framed pics up above he changing table and cribs but i'm worried incase it happens to fall down and injure my little ones

  30. Leanna says:

    What baby camera/ monitor did end up getting?? I need to buy one and have no clue what to get

  31. Nikki from where you buy it the babies camera ?

  32. Love it! Would you mind to say the brand of the pineapple swaddles?

  33. Panda Bear says:

    Okay I love you. You are the same as my dads girlfriend . You and her are the same in every way. 💗

  34. Lamz 90 says:

    This video is so helpful! I have a questions though: When/how many weeks were you when you started buying for the twins Nursery?

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